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Can I buy directly from Platinum Flooring?

Yes. Customers can purchase wood floors directly from our website as well as order free samples of any product. We highly encourage customers to visit our store in Hayward, CA and speak with our knowledgeable staff.

Where do you guys ship to?

Currently we're servicing the Bay Area with new locations around California opening up next year.

Where Can I install my Solid or Engineered Wood Flooring?

Solid Wood – On and Above Grade

Engineered Wood – On, Above and Below Grade 

Will my Wood Floor change color?

Almost all hardwood floors change color due to exposure to sunlight. Some hardwoods darken and some hardwoods
change color dramatically going from tan to deep red. See individual product color change for details.

What are the benefits of hardwood floors?

•After Centuries of use, hardwood floors can be sanded and look just new.
•Hardwood floors add value to your home because of their beauty and durability.
•Hardwood floors have variety of grain pattern, natural color variations and the beauty of enjoying natural materials.
•Hardwood floors are ideal for allergy sufferers because they do not promote dust or harbor dust mites.

Can I apply polyurethane to my Prefinished Flooring?

No. Never add any other finish to your flooring because the prefinished flooring will blur and shine levels will be
different and you may want to refinish your flooring to make the shine uniform. Also, the warranty will be voided.

Do Discontinued Products also have Warranty?

Yes, unless otherwise specified in the Product Description. 

Are the Products listed online the only Products you can offer?

No. Give us 45-60 days and we will get the flooring custom made for you with your specifications.

I have glue left over from the installation. How can I remove it?

Usually mineral spirits will remove glue from your hardwood flooring. If not, contact the glue manufacturer for the
safest way to remove the glue.

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